Slave Labor announces Writing Workshop Classes

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San Jose, Ca based SLG Publishing announced it's newest workshop series for aspiring comic book creators, this one focusing on writing. The four week class, Writing Comics from Start to Finish will be taught by Gloomcokie and Nightmares & Fairy Tales writer Serena Valentino an will cover taking your comic book idea from concept to pitch and proposal to writing your final script. Subjects covered in the four weeks include Writing and Thinking in Images, Doing Your Research, Writing For Yourself and an Artist and many other topics. The final session will include a critique of each participants project by Valentino from the aspect of its professional presentation and completeness.

Classes will be held in the SLG Publishing offices in San Jose, CA, the first session begins April 11th. Cost for the series is $60 (which covers all four classes). Pre-registration is required as class size is limited and this is expected to be one of the more popular courses offered in the workshop series.

SLG recently revived it's Creator's Studio series, a workshop dedicated to helping aspiring comic book creator's develop their skills and gain a greater appreciation of the craft of comics, with a single day event in March which was highlighted by a live drawing demonstration. "Even though the first event was focused on drawing comics, most of the discussion was on creating a script for an artist" said SLG president Dan Vado " Following up on that event with something focused on writing seemed like a logical progression for the workshops."

Registration information for the writing classes can be found on the SLG Publishing website at www.slgcomic.com/workshops. For more information contact:

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