Here's When Simon Pegg's Slaughterhouse Rulez Releases in the US

Slaughterhouse Rulez trailer

Fans of the comedy duo of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg might've been excited to learn that they'd be reuniting for the horror-comedy, Slaughterhouse Rulez, especially when the film's first trailer dropped in 2018.

While Slaughterhouse Rulez released in the UK and Ireland on Halloween night of 2018, it still hasn't received a U.S. release date until now. As BloodyDisgusting confirmed, Slaughterhouse Rulez will premiere in select U.S. theaters and on digital on May 17.

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The film is set on the grounds of a tough British boarding school, where an ancient evil is released after fracking causes a sinkhole.

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Slaughterhouse Rulez is Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's first movie together in five years. The duo gained popularity through Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy, which included the films Shaun Vs. The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End.

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Slaughterhouse Rulez was directed by Crispian Mills, who is best known as the frontman of the psychedelic indie rock band Kula Shaker. He previously worked with Pegg on  the indie horror-comedy film, A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

The film also stars Asa Butterfield, Finn Cole, Hermione Corfield and Michael Sheen. Slaughterhouse Rulez will release on DVD on June 18 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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