Slash Print | Scott Kurtz to speak at Macworld (and more!)

Webcomics | According to the Macworld web site, PvP creator Scott Kurtz will speak at the five-day Macintosh symposium.

"In an interview with Chicago Sun-Times and Macworld columnist Andy Ihnatko, Kurtz talks about what digital self-publishing means to creators and publishers, and how devices like the upcoming Apple Tablet could continue to tip the balance in favor of independent artists," the description of his panel reads.

Also, if you haven't been checking out PvP lately, Kurtz's long-running webcomic has a holiday story running, drawn by comics legend Neal Adams. Check out the CBR interview for more information, and after the jump you'll find a video of Adams drawing PvP.

Digital comics | In the fall, High Moon creator David Gallaher guest-blogged with us, and while here he interviewed Id Ego about his comiXology project, X the Unknown. The comiXology exclusive is now available via their iPhone application, along with two other exclusives: The First Daughter and a preview of Moon Girl.

Webcomics | Caleb Goellner talks to Mocktopus creator Max Huffman about his irreverent webcomic.

Webcomics | Dean Haspiel is bringing his Street Code strip back to Zuda for some holiday merriment.

Tablets | Comics journalist and Pinocchio Vampire Slayer writer Van Jensen talks about becoming a convert to the Kindle after working with Top Shelf on translating Owly to the device.

Webcomics | Dallas Art News asked several webcomics creators to recreate famous works of art using their characters, with some fun results. Via

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