Slash Print | Keenspot, Apple tablet talk and more

Webcomics | Fleen's Gary Tyrell dives into some of the changes that the webcomics host Keenspot is making to its business model starting next July. Tyrell talks to Keenspot CEO Chris Cosby and some creators who are currently hosted on the site, and also posts an internal memo that describes the changes. I'd quote from his post, but really, if you're interested, go read the whole thing.

Webcomics | Artist Chris Noeth launched a webcomic called Maya, which he describes as "a science fiction story with superhero elements." He's also hosting a column at InvestComics.com about the making of the strip.

Digital comics | Tokyopop polls the audience on how much they'd be willing to pay for online manga. Chris Butcher questions whether the three options they offer in the poll are really the best options. Tokyopop's marketing manager shows up in the comments section, which also has a bit of an interesting side discussion about Fair Use when it comes to online comic reviews.

Tablets | Are we getting closer to an official announcement from Apple on some sort of e-tablet? Peter Kafka reports that Apple "has told some of its key developers to prepare versions of their iPhone apps that will work on a device with a larger screen, in time for an event next month." He also connects the dots between what he's heard and Apple booking space in San Francisco at the end of January.

Webcomics | Tom Spurgeon continued his holiday interview series by talking to Shaenon Garrity about Achewood.

Webcomics | Artist Skottie Young has been posting a series of one-panel strips titled The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer over on his blog for the past few weeks.

Webcomics | Sparkplug points out that comics creator David King has revamped his website, where you can read his Danny Dutch strips, now titled Reliable Comics' Laugh Menu.

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