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The Digital Revolution: Dirk Deppey recently pooh-poohed the notion of same-day digital and print releases, but Marvel announced last week that they were going to do just that with the Invincible Iron Man Annual #1. Although lots of observers, myself included, saw this as a move to the iPad, Dirk suspects the true audience is elsewhere:

Question: If Marvel really is betting on the “very zeitgeisty iPad” to “get people who don’t want or can’t go to a comic shop,” why on Earth are they betting on a device that has sold just over two million units, as opposed to the more general cellphone and smartphone markets, where such numbers are considered a drop in the bucket, or their website subscription service, which is available to everyone who owns a computer? Answer: They aren’t, which is why the “very zeitgeisty iPad” is never mentioned in the press release, while the other two avenues are. Oh, the Iron Man Annual in question will doubtlessly be available on the iPad, but that’s not what Marvel is selling here, and if I’m going to be damned in Nerd Court, I’d like the prosecution to at least get its facts straight first.

He also sees this as one step in a very gradual transition to digital, not a giant leap into the future.

Handhelds: Brian Carlton reports on the IDW panel at Heroes Con, where the publisher announced they would be publishing Jeff Smith's Bone and RASL on the PSP. IDW director of ePublishing Jeff Webb pointed out that the pacing of a comic is different on digital media than with a print version, and that different platforms have different audiences:

The top titles for different platforms vary, Webb said. On the IPhone, it tends to be more of the company’s mass market products, with independent comics like "Bone" and "Locke and Key" struggling. On the PSP however, the eclectic titles have just as large an audience as the mass market.

Apps: Rich Johnston kicks the tires on comiXology's Comics reader for the PC.

Advice: Missy Ren, a writer for the British women's magazine Mooky Chick has some excellent (if rather basic) advice for would-be webcomics creators: Draw well, write well, and above all, don't procrastinate. (Via Digital Strips.)

Apps: Carnival Comics announces a 3D comic app for mobile devices (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc.). Its versatility is limited somewhat by the fact that you have to wear 3D glasses to use it.

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