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iPhone applications | Apple has rejected an iPhone application called "Bobble Rep" featuring artwork by MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond. The application is a database of the members of the U.S. Congress, and includes names, contact information and caricatures of each of them drawn by Richmond. Each image also serves as a virtual "bobblehead" when the phone is shaken.

Apple's rejection letter said "it contains content that ridicules public figures," which they said violates their iPhone Developer Program License Agreement.

"This is the very reason that Apple as a company should be taken to task over its ludicrous and inconsistent app approval policies," Richmond writes. "Clearly this app does not 'ridicule public figures' and is violating nothing, but Apple has decided the world must be protected from the insidious subversiveness this would force upon the public and the brutal, heinous ridicule that my cruel, cruel caricatures would subject these politicians to."

Daryl Cagle, who is waiting to hear back from Apple on a political cartoon application, offers commentary. Richmond says the producers of the application are looking at other options, including other platforms.

Digital comics | Over at Boing Boing, Douglas Rushkoff talks a little bit more about the alternate reality game and online graphic novel he's doing for Smoking Gun Interactive.

Webcomics | Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man fame is considering joining the ACT-I-VATE crew with a new strip, and he needs a name for it. Speaking of ACT-I-VATE, be sure to check out Dean Haspiel's new strip, A-Okay Cool.

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