Slash Print | Following the digital evolution

Overview: Paul Gravett takes a birds-eye view of the aesthetic and financial issues facing webcomics artists in North America and Europe.

Websites: Johanna Draper Carlson tries out the Bento Comics website and finds a few glitches, although a commenter has an easier time of it.

iPad: Chris Meadows examines comics on the iPad from several angles: pricing, the impact on comics stores, and whether it can compete with torrent sites.

Pricing: Andrew Bayer discusses pricing of digital comics, and why it makes sense for Marvel to charge the same $2 for the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man as they do for the latest.

Piracy: Rich Johnston sets the record straight regarding a pirate site that claims to be completely legal because it displays pages one at a time and doesn't allow downloads. (Spoiler: Nope.)

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