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Scans Daily | Glenn Hauman chats with a couple of moderators from Scans Daily about LiveJournal's closing of the community, copyright, fair use, and whether the site helped or harmed comics.

In related news: "Hand of God Suspends Homoerotic Scans Daily Comic Book Community." (via Christopher Bird)

Social media | iFanboy has begun compiling a list of Twitter accounts of comics publishers and creators.

Social media | Someone has formed a webcomics Twitter group.

Webcomics | Michael Sisk is looking for beta testers for the WebComic plugin and InkBlot theme for WordPress.

E-devices | ComicXP is offering its online reader as a free download.

E-devices | Amazon has released a free iPhone application that allows users to read Kindle books on mobile devices. The top iPhone-app companies apparently aren't too concerned.

This morning a Morgan Stanley analyst predicted Amazon will sell 1 million Kindles by Thanksgiving.

E-publishing | Warren Ellis points to the success actor-author-online personality Wil Wheaton has had with the PDF version of his new book Sunken Treasure.

E-publishing | Barnes & Noble has acquired Fictionwise, one of the largest independent e-book retailers. Although Fictionwise will operate as a separate business unit, B&N makes it clear the retailer is part of its larger digital strategy, which includes launching an e-bookstore later this year.

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