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Conventions | Rick Marshall, Gary Tyrrell and Bob Weiner file initial reports about the first New England Webcomics Weekend.

Retailers | Publishers assured attendees at this weekend's meeting of ComicsPRO that, despite pushes toward digital content, print comics sold through the direct market are still important.

“You still represent the dominant sales force of graphic fiction,” Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley told members of the direct-market trade organization.

Webcomics | Chickenhare creator Chris Grine has decided that since Dark Horse isn't interested in publishing a third graphic novel, he'll take the series online beginning this fall.

Digital publishing | Marvel has announced it will launch The Spectacular Spider-Girl as a digital comic beginning April 15. The initial story will debut at the Marvel Digital Comics website, and then appear in print two weeks later in Amazing Spider-Man Family #5.

Blogosphere | British comics website Down the Tubes has launched a blog devoted to digital comics.

Digital publishing | Gia Manry asks members of the Anime Vice message board whether they'd foresake scanlations for legal, inexpensive digital copies. Response is light so far. (via Brigid Alverson)

E-devices | At Slate.com, Jacob Weisberg looks at how Amazon's Kindle 2 will change publishing and reading: "The Kindle 2 signals that after a happy, 550-year union, reading and printing are getting separated. It tells us that printed books, the most important artifacts of human civilization, are going to join newspapers and magazines on the road to obsolescence."

E-devices | Dan Frommer runs down the 10 things he loves and hates about Kindle 2 for The Business Insider.

Webcomics | The journal Interface offers a brief webcomics primer.

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