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Digital comics | Cartoonist Dan Hipp, whose Gyakushu! was among the titles caught up last year in Tokyopop's seismic restructuring, has announced the third volume is complete and apparently will appear online: "So, will you get to see it? The answer is yes, but not as originally intended, as the plan is STILL to put it online. Apologies to anyone assuming otherwise, because naturally I'd love to see it in print someday, in its full 600-page horrific glory. Don't hold your breath, but who knows what the future will bring."

Talk of Tokyopop moving the bulk of its "OEL books" online began in June as soon as the company announced its shakeup. However, no official announcement has been made.

Digital comics | In this week's "MyCup o' Joe" Q&A, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada touches upon the uncertainties of the digital "format": "I think the next big commercial format will be the digital format. It’s paradoxical, because I think we all 'know that,' but we don’t know what form it will take. Thousands of people are experimenting with different formats and different techniques in digital. And I’m sure we’ll all continue experimenting for the next few years until the apple falls on someone’s head and they figure it out."

E-devices | Michael Fitzpatrick reports that Fujitsu plans to ship 50,000 units of its color FLEPia e-book reader by the end of 2010. The devices sells for about $1,000.

E-devices | Sean Kleefeld considers the drawbacks to reading comics on a smart phone: "How long does it take you to read a comic panel? One or two seconds? Then what? You'd have to scroll/click/slide/whatever to the next panel. Then you spend another second or two reading that panel, and then you'd have to scroll/click/slide/whatever to the third one. You'd end up spending as much time navigating the document as you would reading."

Applications | Brendan Wilhide reviews the ComicZeal comic-book viewer/storage app for iPhone.

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