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Digital comics | The Baltimore Sun spotlights Time Jumper, Stan Lee's multimedia collaboration with Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

The article quotes Steve Geppi, president of Diamond Comic Distributors, who praises innovations like Time Jumper but stresses they won't supplant the traditional comic book: "There's a certain thing about picking up that book, about touching it and smelling it and reading it. ... There's just something about that experience you can't replace."

Digital publishing | Sean Kleefeld ponders why many publishers are reluctant to explore digital distribution.

Digital comics | Chris Williams considers what moves by publishers into the digital realm might mean to comic-book stores: "Are digital comics inevitable? Yes. Is it doom and gloom for your favorite local comic shop? Maybe."

Piracy | Wired's Gadget Lab reports that pirates have illegally cracked about 20 percent of the paid applications sold by Apple's App Store.

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