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e-Publishing | Citing "objectionable content," Apple has removed "Anda's Game" from the iTunes store. "Anda's Game" was one of several stories by novelist and blogger Cory Doctorow that was included in IDW's Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now. Robot Comics (no relation) adapted it into an iPhone application.

"The publisher says that they believe this beheaded orc is the objectionable content in question," Doctorow wrote on BoingBoing. "So much for Apple as a benevolent dictator, well-suited to acting as guardian of what sorts of things you should and should not be allowed to run on your devices."

If the beheading was the reason for the removal, it's worth noting that violent movies like 300 and Lord of the Rings (the latter of which features plenty of human-on-orc violence) are still available from iTunes.

Webcomics | The Timony Twins, Bobby and Peter, announced that Zuda Comics has picked up a third season of their webcomic The Night Owls. They've also made commentary on the first two seasons available in PDF format.

Applications | Diamond Comic Distributors and iVerse Media have released an application for the iPhone that allows users to locate a local comic shop via Diamond's Comic Shop Locator Service. The Beat has the full press release.

Digital comics | Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson talks to Comic Book Resources about the release of Terminator: Death Valley for the iPhone. It's what SkyNet would want, don't you think?

Digital comics | Speaking of iTunes, ICv2 has a list up of many of the comics available on the site.

Games | Ashley Wood announced that he's working with Newtoy, an independent video game developer, to create a World War Robot game for the iPhone.

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