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Digital comics | Jim Munroe follows in the footsteps of PictureBox with an interesting sales offer for his post-Rapture comic Sword of My Mouth. He's published the first issue as a comic, and issues #2-6 will be available online only. Next year it'll all be collected into a trade paperback.

So for $12 + shipping, you can get the digital versions of each issue, as well as a signed and personalized copy of the printed graphic novel when it’s published in early 2010. The first 40 orders will also receive a screenprint. And for $6 you can get the six digital issues.

"In a time when the economy and other forces are making the print pamphlet model unsustainable for many indies, we’re excited to see how this will work," he wrote. "The digital format isn’t going to replace the print book, but it’s an interesting format that allows for cheaper prices and more direct interaction between creators and readers — one we hope to foster by adding commentary."

e-Devices | Here's an often-linked to post by Scott McCloud about the new version of the Kindle and its size.

Social networks | The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Home Video is set to "announce a plan to sync up 'friend' networks on Facebook with the interactive community-screening features of Warners' Blu-ray Disc releases, starting with the release of 'Watchmen Director's Cut.'"

Internet | Valerie D'Orazio points to this interesting article in the Chicago Tribune about TV executives reacting to the success of Hulu.com, the NBC/FOX joint venture (Disney recently signed on as well).

Here's the money quote:

"If you give away your premium content for free, you are basically hastening your own demise, signing your own death warrant," said Laura Martin, a media analyst with Soleil-Media Metrics. "There is a choice that companies have to make."

Webcomics | He's a no-nonsense cop. He's a former cash register. Together, they fight crime.

Social networks | Marvel.com lists all the social media sites where the company has a presence.

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