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Webcomics | Karl Kerschl says his webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher could be coming to print this year. "I’m looking at printing quotes and schedules, and I hope to have something available by mid-summer," he wrote on the comic's blog.

Webcomics | MTV has started a new feature where they "take a look at comics that merit attention from filmmakers." The first one focuses on the webcomic The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja By Chris Hastings.

e-Devices | Alan Moore's "Future Shocks" short stories that appeared in 2000 AD are now available for the iPhone.

Webcomics | I dig this side scrolling comic by Tymothi Godek that Scott McCloud links to. "Despite the crazed fantasy storyline, Tym is mapping the sort of intersecting, branching, and colliding paths that people in real life take all the time, but that only comics can make visible. Very cool," McCloud wrote on his blog.

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