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Webcomics | Fleen's Gary Tyrrell bridges the gap between print comics and webcomics by pointing fans of the former to something that has a similar tone or feel on the web. Or, in other words, "If you like X, try reading Y." This Usagi Yojimbo fan is now subscribed to Digger as a result, and I plan to check out others on his list (and in the comments section) as well.

Webcomics | Smith Magazine wraps up its Next-Door Neighbor anthology of webcomics with a contribution by Tara Seibel.

Video games | Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro talks to Wired about a variety of subjects, including how the PlayStation 3 is the "Model T" for a new storytelling engine and how video games will one day have their Citizen Kane -- as, in his opinion, comics have already had.

"Go back a couple of decades to the birth of the graphic novel—I think we can pinpoint the big bang to Will Eisner's A Contract With God," he said. "Today, we have very worthy people doing literary comics. I think the same thing will happen on the Internet-gaming side. In the next 10 years, there will be an earthshaking Citizen Kane of games."

Webcomics | Becky Cloonan, Melissa DeJesus and Hwan Cho are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their website Estrigious with a table at this year's MoCCA Festival, where Cloonan and Cho plan to announce a new webcomic coming to the site.

Webcomics | Speaking of MoCCA, Kevin Church and Benjamin Birdie will debut the first print collection of their webcomic The Rack at the show.

e-Devices | moconews.net looks at the growing amount of content from the bigger media conglomerates available on iTunes, and wonders if it's pushing out the little guy.

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