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Piracy | Global Gaming Factory X AB said it is buying the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, which hosts BitTorrents of various types, including comics. The Swedish software company "intends to launch new business models that allow compensation to the content providers and copyright owners," the company said.

Digital comics | Last week Rich Johnston did another "Twinterview," or interview over Twitter, this time with Longbox inventor Rantz Hoseley. The entire thing is collected over at BleedingCool.com. Rich asks about how Longbox will affect comic shops, mobile devices, funding and more. You can also watch Hoseley's panel from HeroesCon over at iFanboy.

Digital comics | Van Jensen, who helped Top Shelf with getting Owly on the Kindle, shares his thoughts on digital distribution, Longbox, iPhones and more.

Webcomics | The webcomic Scary Go Round ran into a bit of unfortunate timing, as recent strips featured a one-gloved character "who is a kind of grotesque version of a world superstar," creator John Allison posted on the strip's site.

"As much as some of the comics of the next few weeks may seem a kind of unpleasant cash-in, I drew them weeks ago," he said. "I had written and thumbnailed my comics up to July 22nd when the King of Pop turned his toes up." (Via)

Webcomics | I enjoyed this blog post by Jorge F. Muñoz, artist of Yon Kuma. The webcomic is about bear wrestlers, and Muñoz talks about his appreciation for the masks worn by various luchadores. And it ends with a bear wearing one of those masks, which is a nice bonus.

Social media | Matt Price interviews Rob Vollmar about tweeting the script from his most recent work, The Twin Cities.

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