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Webcomics | In case you missed it, like I did ... Chris Eliopolis shares a fun Ant Man tribute comic on his website. (via Comics Alliance)

Webcomics | Alex Hoffman of the webcomics site Transmission-X discusses how webcomics are usually limited to one category when awards time rolls around.

"The issue is that since webcomics are allowed nominations in only a single category - while print comics are nominated under a multitude of aspects of comic production – webcomics are severely limited in their recognition," he writes. "The online comics community is large and growing quickly, but as yet, all the major awards exclude them from the majority of categories. While they do honour the Best Webcomic, they do not allow those strips to compete for recognition as Best Artist, Best Cartoonist, etc."

Mobile | The independent publishing house McSweeney's has launched an iPhone application called Small Chair that will feature content from their various publications, as well as music and art portfolios. "No longer will T-Pain be your only salvation on trains, during lunch, and through all the other empty gaps in a day." They say to expect content from Spike Jonze, Wells Tower, Chris Ware, and Jonathan Ames.

Video games | I thought this was an interesting piece by Russ Fischer. Writing for the Baylor University newspaper, he compared the storytelling techniques of three recent video games -- Infamous, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Prototype -- to the storytelling techniques of Marvel, DC and independent comics 20 years ago. I haven't played any of these three games, so I'm not sure how well the analogies hold up, but it was an interesting place to go.

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