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Tablets | Gizmodo reports on the long-rumored Apple Tablet device, saying that Apple "is in talks with several media companies rooted in print, negotiating content for a 'new device.'" In addition, Apple has also applied for a patent on a "multi-touch surface that could accommodate two full hands and distinguish between palms and individual fingers for typing, gestures and more," according to the Apple Insider.

Scott McCloud comments on the potential for such a device to change comics: "Most of today’s comics publishers are likely to jump into the pool with their clothes on—print-style pages intact. But if Apple’s gadget is anything like what’s being described, we could see a shift over time from point-and-click fragmented delivery, like what we have on the Web today, to more continuous spatial metaphors of the sort a lot of us turn-of-the-century mad scientists were playing with. Should be interesting."

Digital comics | You can read some of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's excellent Atomic Robo comics, including the Free Comic Book Day stories from the past few years, at the Nuklear Power website.

Motion Comics | Eagle One Media has released Street Fighter and Voltron motion comics on iTunes.

Webcomics | Fleen interviews Schlock Mercenary creator Howard Tayler about his recent appearance at a Success in Comics seminar in Las Vegas.

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