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Internet radio | SLG Publishing is testing out an internet radio call-in show, where fans can call in and ask Dan Vado questions about their titles or the comic industry in general. If you've ever attended one of SLG's panels, you know Dan has a lot to say, so this should be worth checking out.

Tablets | Although the Apple tablet I mentioned a few days ago hasn't even been officially announced yet, this Ad Age story says traditional publishers are already talking about ways to bypass iTunes and offer "an industry-wide digital storefront where tablet users could buy digital issues or subscriptions without going through iTunes or the App Store."

Tablets | Speaking of tablets (and SLG, for that matter), SLG chief Jennifer de Guzman talks about digital comics in her latest column for Publisher's Weekly, noting the difficulties that come with trying to make comics for Amazon's Kindle.

"To be acceptable to Amazon's Kindle store, a comic needs to be 'reflowed,' which means breaking each page into individual panels and saving each as a separate file," she writes. "This is a process that could take hours for every graphic novel—and that means additional costs for a publisher."

Digital Comics | If you missed part one of the Brian Michael Bendis interview I linked to earlier because you were too busy checking out what he had to say about Avengers, he talks with Blair Butler about the Spider Woman Motion Comic and the future of digital comics.

Webcomics | Caleb Goellner over at Comics Alliance chats with TopatoCo's Jeffrey Rowland about achieving financial independence through webcomics.

"This is still a pretty young market since it was ever granted any sort of widely-believed sense of legitimacy, five or so years ago," Rowland says. "I think the best thing creators can do is just continue to be talented but don't be afraid to be weird. Just do quality work that's weird. It's still the friggin' wild west out here; if you can get 20,000 people to read your comic about a dog that huffs paint, there is a way to make a living from that."

Webcomics | The second half of Fleen's interview with Howard Tayler, which I linked to in the last Slash print, is now up on the site.

Webcomics | Congrats to Marc Ellerby, who is celebrating his 200th Ellerbisms strip this week with a series of guest artists.

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