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Webcomics | Scott Kurtz, who hosted the Harvey Awards this past weekend, shares his thoughts on what he saw at the Zuda table over the weekend. Kurtz, the creator of the long-running and highly successful PvP webcomic, has been an outspoken critic of Zuda since they launched, but had a different take on DC's monthly webcomics contest after this weekend.

"If companies like DC can enter the Webcomics world, and find a way to work with creators fairly and bring credibility and positive attention to this medium…that’s good," Kurtz writes. "If Zuda can light a fire under the asses of talent that normally wouldn’t make progress, that’s awesome. We want that, don’t we? Doesn’t a rising tide lift all ships? I know I’m skeptical. I like being skeptical. But maybe I’ve witnessed so many Platinums in the past that I’m a little gun-shy. Maybe…maybe…Zuda isn’t going to fuck people over."

Also worth reading on his blog, Kurtz talks about what it was like to host the Harveys.

Webcomics | In anticipation of the release of the ACT-I-VATE Primer from IDW, Graphic NYC has dubbed this ACT-I-VATE week and will run features all week about the webcomics collective and its contributors.

Blogs | Kevin mentioned this earlier today, but I just wanted to draw your attention to our own Brigid Alverson's new blog, Paperless Comics. "My goal is to cover the world of webcomics and do it objectively," she says in her first post.

Digital comics | Evan Young has released his complete graphic novel The Carrier for the iPhone.

Webcomics | Dustin Harbin turns his favorite passage from the Charles Bukowski novel Women into a webcomic.

Webcomics | SLG reminds us that Matthew Shepherd and Roy Boney Jr. are serializing their mini-series Dead Eyes Open on the web.

Webcomics | Scott O. Brown is continuing his Zuda entry Red Ice on his own web site, where he's also posting several horror strips just in time for Halloween.

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