Slash Print | Barnes & Noble's nook goes head-to-head with Amazon's Kindle

Tablets | Kindle, meet the Nook ... or nook, as it looks like Barnes & Noble are spelling it with the lowercase "n," which is really annoying. But yes, the bookseller has launched their own e-book tablet, which retails for $259 (the same as the Amazon Kindle 2), has a color touchscreen and comes out in November. Check out the product comparison chart (it's a PDF) from B & N for more information on how it compares to Amazon's device.

Google, meanwhile, isn't working on a device, but they do plan to launch an e-book store in order to deliver electronic books to "any device with a web browser." Time will tell what any of this means for the comic industry, but with a color tablet coming out soon, you can see the possibilities.

Webcomics | Writing for PBS's Mediashift blog, Simon Owens writes about what newspaper cartoonists can learn from web cartoonists. He spoke with both Richard Stevens and Howard Tayler for the piece.

Digital comics | With the movie coming out soon, IDW has released a whole bunch of Astro Boy comics for the iPhone.

Digital comics | Alex De Campi shares her thoughts on the various digital comics applications that are out there.

Webcomics | Questionable Content creator Jeph Jacques offers up a State of the Webcomics Union, discussing what's changed in online comics over the six years he's been making them. (Via Scott McCloud)

Video games | OK, this probably isn't the usual Slash Print material, but I'm kind of stoked about this Epic Mickey game that Disney is working on.

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