Skyscraper: Dwayne Johnson Takes a Leap of Faith in Intense Final Trailer

The final trailer has arrived for Skyscraper, Dwayne Johnson's new action film, delivering the most intense footage to date.

Ever since the Universal Pictures release was announced, the main hook has been the death-defying stunts, which involve Johnson's character Will Sawyer (who has a prosthetic leg) having to climb on the outer edges of a fantastically tall skyscraper. This latest trailer puts the spotlight firmly on those stunts, pulling viewers into the world of the film in such a way that you cannot help but feel the terror right along with Sawyer.

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The trailer also adds in, for the first time, the revelation that Sawyer's actions are actually being viewed by an audience within the film, as well, as a camera crew is capturing his every move and broadcasting it to onlookers below. That adds a whole other layer to the film, written and directed by Rawson M. Thurber, as we get to see how these crazy stunts are perceived in the world of the film.

Sawyer is a former FBI hostage and rescue agent who lost his leg on a mission. Years later, he is now head of security for The Pearl, a skyscraper with a seemingly "impenetrable" upper level that, naturally, gets compromised by a terrorist attack. Sawyer's family lives there, and so Sawyer must find a way to break back into the building while avoiding the authorities who believe he is behind the attack.

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You might think that a lot of the concepts in the film sound familiar, and Johnson is right there with you: He not only acknowledges the influence of The Towering Inferno (where Steve McQueen's fire chief character and Paul Newman's architect character have to save dozens of people trapped on the top of a burning skyscraper) and Die Hard (in which a New York City cop played by Bruce Willis has to stop terrorists who have taken control of a corporate office building during a Christmas party), but he actually commissioned the creation of two vintage style movie posters for Skyrcraper that homage those two films.

Here's The Towering Inferno one...

And here's the Die Hard one...

Dwayne Johnson leaps back into theaters (and burning buildings) for Skyscraper on July 13. Directed and written by Rawson M. Thurber, the film also stars Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Pablo Schreiber, Noah Taylor, Jason Day and Hannah Quinlivan.

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