Skyfall, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead: October 5th Comic Reel


Happy James Bond day! In celebration of James Bond's 50th anniversary, the 007 team have released a number of new pieces of media not only hyping "Skyfall," but Bond's 50 years in popular media, including a 50th Anniversary video blog.

If specific "Skyfall" news is more your speed, Yahoo! Movies has the first official clip from the film, which sees Bond boarding a train.

The newly released "Skyfall"-specific video blog deals with location scouting to give each locale that special 007 touch.

Finally, as a special treat, Adele has released her "Skyfall" theme, which is appropriately entitled "Skyfall." It's actually a pretty slick YouTube temporary music video and the piece itself really gets back to the roots of a good Bond opening song.

Opens November 9


Yesterday, it was reported Michael Rooker was possibly interested in portraying Rocket Raccoon in James Gunn's "Guardians of the Galaxy." While on the red carpet for "The Walking Dead's" third season, Rooker reconfirmed with CBR that he'd love a shot to fill Rocket's tiny shoes.

"Of course I would, are you serious? God, I'd love to," he told CBR. "You know what, I've already done two projects with James Gunn and it's an awesome project, so who would not want to be a part of that?"

Open August 1, 2014


Robert Kirkman spoke with CBR about a myriad of topics including "The Walking Dead" television show, which comes back to AMC next weekend, specifically about the design of the prison.

"[Production designer] Grace Walker designed that prison, and there are certain rooms that we'll constantly be using the episodes such as the cell block and the common room, but what you may not have noticed when you saw the set is that a lot of that stuff is modular," he said. "One room may be a boiler room one day and a cafeteria the next day. That stuff is moved in and out depending on what the episodes call for," he said. "There is a kind of magic to how we've built the prison where you can pretty much do anything we've done in the comic book series at that set. It's all in a somewhat confined space because we're able to transform rooms into different spaces, but prisons are very similar in the way that you get trapped in them."

A new, minute-long "The Walking Dead" season three trailer has also been released, hinting at a possible time jump from the season two finale to the season three premiere.

Premieres October 14 on AMC


TheGreenArrow.net has posted new photos from the upcoming third episode of "Arrow" featuring Oliver Queen taking on Deadshot. Check out the photo of Deadshot below and click through for the full gallery.

Premieres October 10 on the CW


J.J. Abrams was a guest on "Conan" last night and gave the first glimpse of "Star Trek Into Darkness" -- three whole frames!

"This is a scene where Spock...for reasons that you'll have to see the film to understand, is in a volcano in this crazy suit, and he's in this volcano and this is the scene," Abrams told Conan.

It's seriously only three frames long. Be ready with the pause button.

Opens May 17, 2013


It's time for the first trailer for "A Good Day to Die Hard," the fifth film in the "Die Hard" quintology. In classic "Die Hard" fashion, there are helicopters, weapons, explosions and Bruce Willis.

The music is especially appropriate.

Opens February 14, 2013


Jon Favreau spoke with Crave Online about a myriad of topics, including his work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"You know, I enjoy working with those guys," Favreau told Crave Online. "You've got to remember when we started doing 'Iron Man,' they had gotten some money from an investment group and it was going to be their own studio and no studio was going to influence them creatively. It was going to be about the underlying IP, about the fans, about the filmmakers.

"Then we cast Robert and the personality of the film really started to coalesce. That personality in that film that we did on the fly with relatively limited resources compared to what they have now, slowly evolved into a tone and narrative style and a world and a cast of characters that, when coupled with what was done on 'Hulk,' 'Thor' and 'Captain America,' turned into a whole movie world that now has become a sandbox for other filmmakers to play in.

"It's very fulfilling to see that, not unlike what I'm experiencing on 'Revolution.' You do the pilot, you help find the cast, you help establish the tone and then other great creative people come in and build upon that. It's exciting to watch what Joss is able to do with 'Avengers' and what Shane [Black] is able to do with 'Iron Man 3.'

"Being an executive producer on those films and being one on the pilot and working on the series, you feel like you're part of it but you don't have the same responsibilities but you get all the satisfaction out of it too. It allows you to do other things and pursue other goals as well. It was a nice act of progression and, knock wood, I'm proud of what the other filmmakers have done and how they built upon it. I think if they weren't doing a good job I might feel differently. I'm very proud."

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