Excellence: Skybound's New Comic Teases Magical, Generational Conflict

Launching this May, Excellence -- a new comic book series from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics -- will explore a hidden, magical world and its secret society of black magicians.

Created by Brandon Thomas (Horizon) and Khary Randolph (The Adventures of Spawn), the upcoming series follows young Spencer Dale, who joins a secret organization called the Aegies, following in the footsteps of his father. As Spencer moves deeper into this society, which is dedicated to bettering the lives of others through its magic, he finds the organization stuck in old ways and unwilling to adapt to the times. Skybound has released a motion comic trailer for the series, as below.

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Colorist Emilio Lopez and letterer Deron Bennett will join Thomas and Randolph on the series. Together, they form a creative team made up entirely of comic creators of color to tell the magical tale of finding inner excellence in the face of generational adversity.

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With a final order cut-off date of April 15, the new series promises to show the story of a young man discovering his own worth while urging his peers to fight for the betterment of themselves in the face of antiquated tradition.

Created by Brandon Thomas and Khary Randolph, Excellence #1 debuts on May 8 from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics.

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