Skybound, Walker Stalkers kickstart 'Walking Dead Experience'

A Kickstarter campaign to fund an immersive (and official) theatrical experience based on The Walking Dead has rocketed past its $60,000, just days into the effort.

A collaboration between the The Walker Stalkers, the organizers of Walker Stalker Con, and Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment, "The Walking Dead Experience" is designed to bring fans into the world of the hit horror franchise, and put them in a situation in which they must use skill and teamwork to figure out how to escape before getting eaten.

It sounds similar to the Attack on Titan-inspired "Escape from the Walled City," and other real escape games, if on a smaller scale. "The Walking Dead Experience" will employ two tractor-trailers, tents, sets, light and sound design, live actors, responsive video and other components. The goal is for "The Walking Dead Experience" to debut Oct. 30, at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta.

According to the campaign video, organizers have already purchased the tractor-trailers, written the script, and designed the sets and effects. The money raised will go toward paying for props and skilled labor. With 24 days left in the effort, more than $88,000 has been raised.

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