Skybound and Internet Explorer team for <i>Thief of Thieves Experience</i>

Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment has partnered with Internet Explorer to launch Thief of Thieves Experience, an interactive website based on the Image Comics crime series.

The official announcement, which debuted on MTV's Splash Page, avoids calling the project a game. Instead it's described as "a fully immersive, multi-touch website that allows fans of Thief of Thieves to become fully engaged in a heist." Of course, they'll have to use Internet Explorer 10 to fully, um, experience Thief of Thieves Experience, which permits users to create a new identity and hone their larceny skills on their way to pulling off the big heist.

Debuting in February 2012, Thief of Thieves follows Conrad Paulson, alias Redmond, a successful thief who decides to retire from business an atone for his past robberies by stealing from other criminals. Kirkman oversees the series, which features art by Shawn Martinbrough, and a rotating roster of writers that so far includes Nick Spencer, James Asmus and, beginning in April, Andy Diggle.

AMC, home to the hit television adaptation of The Walking Dead, is also developing a drama based on Thief of Thieves.

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