Sky-Dog Press causes "Major Damage" in December

Official Press Release

Before their was "The Incredibles," there was Major Damage! As if their hasn't been enough mayhem in the world lately, December sees the debut of Chris Bailey's "Major Damage," a 96-page, full color graphic novel, in digest size, offered up with the award-winning, 3-D animated Major Damage short cartoon, on DVD.

This sugar-frosted, fabulously fun GN features comics, sketches, and a behind-the-scenes look at the award-winning 3-D animated short by Chris Bailey (Director of Disney's Kim Possible, Garfield, Clerks Animated Series)! Major Damage is the tale of a little boy who is transformed into his favorite super hero, protecting the world from mutants, monsters, and alien scum! Fun for kids and animation fans, both young and old! Don't miss out on the next great all-ages comic sensation! The book is available solo, or with the optional DVD, which features storyboards/movie comparisons, preliminary paintings, and much more! The full-color digest features comics, sketches, and a behind-the-scenes look as little Melvin turns into Major Damage!

"Sky-Dog Press is all about fun comics," said publisher/creator John Gallagher (Buzzboy, Even More Fun Comics), "and Chris Bailey and his hilarious Major Damage fit in perfectly with that goal." Gallagher also pointed out that Diamond Comics Previews has listed the Major Damage GN as a "Featured Item" and "Certified Cool" in the October Previews for items shipping in December.

But if you won't take Diamond's word for it then maybe "Silent Bob" will draw your interest: Kevin Smith (Clerks) says, "You can skip rope and you can skip to my lou, but don't skip Major Damage. Chris Bailey is a flat out comic genius." To see a sneak peek of the book and DVD, visit www.majordamage.net, then place your order at your local comics shop for the Incredible-y cool, super fun, Major Damage!


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