SKUMM, Talent, A Blue-Haired Girl And A... Gingerbread Man?

Official Press Release

HAVERHILL, MA, February 6, 2003 - For over a year now, Digital Webbing has put a physical presence to its "talent engine" nickname with the Digital Webbing Press publishing line of comics. Starting out with just a single black and white anthology book, Digital Webbing Press now helps publish multiple creator-owned titles, and has plans for a lot more fun stuff in 2003. With four titles solicited in Previews for April, it'll be a milestone month for Digital Webbing Press where readers can get a glimpse at the world behind an upcoming toy line, see a variety sampler of comic book stories from hard-working talent, and see what makes a gingerbread man and a blue-haired high school girl so popular.

Digital Webbing releases for April 2003:

SKUMM #1 (of 4), full color, Diamond item number: FEB03 1894

X Concepts, Morpheus Forge Entertainment and Digital Webbing are joining forces to create, SKUMM, an all new full-color comic mini-series based on the SKUMM line of action figures manufactured by X Concepts.

It's the year 2102. In an effort to keep bio-engineered and nanotech-enhanced former soldiers in line, the veterans are transformed into the sports stars of the future...S.K.U.M.M. Seeking fame and fortune in the arena of motorized medieval combat, Jimmy "The Torch" endures fierce battle on and off the field...faulty equipment, deadly loan sharks and the mysterious disappearances of his fellow S.K.U.M.M. Cover and interior artwork by Deon Nuckols, variant cover by Kaare Andrews.

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #8, b&w, Diamond item number: FEB03 1895

Continuing the surge of up-and-coming talent, Digital Webbing Presents features 8 stories by 20 creators in a 48 page giant-sized issue at the same low price!

Inside you'll encounter a boy's fascination with a mysterious gunfighter, a delusional bicycle delivery boy, a sexy she-demon trapped in a hideous new body, two English lads on a magical sea adventure, the modern life and times of a classic monster, robot butt-kicking, and the exotic Voodoo Island.

GUTWALLOW #3 (of 3), b&w, Diamond item number: FEB03 1896

Written and illustrated by Dan Berger with editing and lettering by Peter Laird (both connected with the hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

In this final issue of the Gutwallow mini-series, a weapon of vast annihilation does what it was created to do while Gutwallow's friend Miyoko learns to love her enemy. All's well that ends well...or is it?

SHADES OF BLUE #1, b&w, Diamond item number: FEB03 1897

With the successful release of their first TPB collection under the Digital Webbing banner, the Shades of Blue team keeps the sensational indy comic rolling with the start of a new story arc.

Shadows and Masks, Part 1: Heidi and the gang have their hands full when a mysterious force comes to school and starts possessing students. Now they have the difficult task of tracking down the creature as it jumps from body to body...at a masquerade party!

Comic shops are now placing orders for books shipping in April, so don't miss out! If your shop absolutely, positively won't order these comics for you, http://www.digitalwebbing.net/comics/ has a list of online retailers that would be happy to take your Digital Webbing order...plus subscriptions are available at the site for the Digital Webbing Presents anthology. Thanks for supporting Digital Webbing and its creators!

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