'Skullkickers' Edwin Huang steps out with art book

Since its launch in 2012, the Image series Skullkickers has filled the hole that was missing sword-and-sorcery, beer-drinkin', raucous fight comic. We didn't know we needed it until we got it, but now I'm glad it's here. And now series artist Edwin Huang is stepping up his game with a deluxe art book containing his other creator-owned work, as well as that of some of his friend. And he's using Kickstarter to do it.

The Rogues Gallery: A Character Study Art Book is an impressive sounding 100-plus page hardcover book chronicling Huang's personal creations from the past four years. The book will be broken down into four sections: the Model Sheets gallery, the Art Gallery, the Sketch Gallery and the Guest Artists gallery. The latter will include art from 22 artistic friends and colleagues, including Misty Coats, Joe Ng and kullkickers writer Jim Zub.

With a plan to publish the book in February 2014, Huang launched a Kickstarter this month in hopes of raising $5,000 to fund the printing, mailing and pay to the guest artists. That modest goal was reached in less than three days, with Huang's attention now turned to stretch goals that could see additional features such as a Japanese translation, more guest artists,and even the highly coveted spot gloss treatment to the cover. You can pre-order the book via Kickstarter for just $25, with higher levels earning original art, prints and other rewards.

Here's some samples of the book Huang provided us to give you more of an idea of what to expect:

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