7 Skrulls We Hope to See In The MCU (& 3 We Hope We Won't)

Skrulls in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel may be one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most controversial films, but one thing most people seem to agree on is this: Skrulls. They are awesome. Whether they're sympathetic or insidious, the Skrulls have captured the imaginations of fans for decades. With new audiences being introduced to Talos -- who, admittedly, bears little resemblance to his transformation-stunted comic counter-part -- there is an appetite for more Skrulls. Good Skrulls. Wicked Skrulls. Just plain more of them!

Thankfully, there are countless Skrulls who can appear in future films. But what will these Skrulls be like? Moreover, what can we as audiences expect to see in future Marvel films? And which Skrulls do we really hope stay out of the MCU for the foreseeable future? Spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel.

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10 (Want) Hulkling

Hulkling is one of the most beloved members of the Young Avengers. A Skrull-Kree hybrid, Hulkling grew up thinking he was just a normal human -- until his bewildering transformative abilities kicked in.

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Hulkling is also noteworthy for his relationship with fellow Young Avenger Wiccan. As a gay superhero, he is a fairly unique hero. As one of the most obvious examples of a Skrull we're excited to see, however, his inclusion at the number ten spot is in no way a reflection of his lack of importance, but rather just a way to state the obvious fast: Hulkling is the Skrull we want to see most.

9 (Don't) John the Skrull

There are a set of Skrulls who impersonated the Beatles. They lingered on Earth, but eventually started dying out one by one. All, that is, except for the Skrull impersonating John Lennon.

As silly a prospect as it sounds, it would just come across as goofy, seeing John Lennon serving as a part of Marvel's MI: 13 -- a British intelligence agency with ties to Captain Britain. This is one Skrull that would just be too silly to pull off.

8 (Want) Dorrek VII

Dorrek VII stands as the emperor of the Skrull race. One of the primary early Skrulls in Marvel Comics lore, Dorrek stood as an adversary for the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and, of course, the Kree forces.

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The MCU Skrulls stand as the last survivors of the fallen empire, so it would stand to reason that someone would rise up to assume control of the fragmented empire. Furthermore, with the Skrulls scattered across the cosmos, it makes sense that someone has to be pulling the strings. So why not Dorrek? Also, he's Hulkling's grandfather, so there's that.

7 (Want) Kly'bn

Kly'bn may not be a noteworthy character, but, soon, he may be coming to the MCU as part of The Eternals. The last remaining Skrull Eternal, Kly'bn managed to, millions of years prior, ascend to the role of Skrull God.

While Kly'bn may be long gone by the events of the current MCU, with The Eternals getting their big screen debut, it might be clever to use Kly'bn to bridge the multiple worlds of the MCU to this new epic scale story.

6 (Don't) Godkiller

A special Super-Skrull with the powers of various heroes, she is modified to wield Beta Ray Bill's Stormbreaker -- a hammer wielded in the MCU by Thor Odinson himself.

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Godkiller is an obvious offshoot of the original Super-Skrull, Kl'rt. Without Kl'rt coming first, Godkiller's whole shtick comes across as unimportant. However, as a completely derivative antagonist, she feels rather unremarkable when compared to her more famous Super-Skrull counterpart. Furthermore, every character she is tied to has yet to actually appear in the MCU. So... why bother?

5 (Want) Dro'ge

Dro'ge is a Skrull scientist whose main claim to fame remains orchestrating the events of Secret Invasion. By studying the Illuminati and exploiting its weaknesses, he figures out a way to subvert Earth's defenses and invade.

While the Skrulls in the MCU are more benevolent than evil, Dro'ge may be presented as a visionary who believes Skrull survival depends on invading Earth. Leading, naturally, to the Secret Invasion.

4 (Want) Veranke

The Skrull Queen who orchestrated Secret Invasion, she is the one who led the charge against Earth to a level unforeseen in any previous event. Ruthless and vile, she posed as Jessica Drew so perfectly well that even her best friend, Carol Danvers, couldn't tell she was fake.

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Veranke could take command in the re-structuring of Skrull society, and, in her rise to power, aim to spread war. It would be interesting seeing her come in conflict with Talos, especially over the matter of Earth. Plus, it would be another chance to introduce a female villain as the main lead, following Hela.

3 (Want) Anelle

Anelle is a Skrull Princess who remains heir to the Skrull Empire. She is most famous, however, not for her royal heritage and role in the empire, but rather, for the identity of her child: Hulkling, one of the most beloved members of the Young Avengers.

As Hulkling's father in the comics is Mar-Vell, who is gender-flipped in the MCU, it is possible Anelle may be gender-swapped to match, so that Hulkling can remain a Kree-Skrull hybrid.

2 (Don't) Titannus

Titannus is noteworthy for being a bulking, powerful monster who simply cannot transform. He is to the Super-Skrulls as Captain America is to us: the product of genetic manipulation beyond any other.

He is also profoundly underwhelming.

There are so many powerful, feral characters that Marvel can use for its films. To make just another hulking big bad villain... what would separate Titannus from Kurse or Cull Obsidian? He'd just be another hulking threat to get punched down.

1 (Want) Kl'rt

The Super-Skrull is one of the most iconic Skrull in the entire Marvel Universe. Granted with the terrible power to wield the powers of the Fantastic Four, Kl'rt has come in conflict countless times with Marvel's First Family for a multitude of reasons.

Now that Disney owns the rights to the Fantastic Four, it seems inevitable we'll be seeing Kl'rt fight his iconic adversary in an upcoming film. Perhaps Kl'rt might be the next Skrull audiences see in the films. Or perhaps Kl'rt will appear as a secret weapon in some future confrontation.

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