Skottie Young guest draws <i>The Abominable Charles Christopher</i>

Earlier this week artist Skottie Young filled in for his friend Karl Kerschl on The Abominable Charles Christopher, Kerschl's webcomic about a a sweet but somewhat dim sasquatch-like creature and his forest friends.

This is the second time Young has filled in for his friend, as he explained on his own blog:

Karl reached out and asked me to do a guest strip for his webcomic while he was out on some giant world tour where people are worshiping him and what not. I was flattered and agreed instantly. Then I realized that his wasn't the first time I would be there to help save Karl in a rough spot. (just kidding, he needed no saving, and i'm convinced he actually had enough strips to cover his time away and just posted my out of pitty...haha) Eons ago, when I was waiting tables at Ed Debevics in Chicago, I got my first phone call from Marvel asking me if I could do a fill in issue in the ICEMAN mini series. And artist named... you guessed it, Karl Kerschl had some life things going on and they needed someone to fill in. I had never drawn a comic book in my life and was about to do my first for Marvel. And the rest is history...or still happening, or something like that.

After seeing the strip, now I really just want to see Young doing a webcomic of his own.

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