Skottie Young Draws Kid Angela for "Guardians" Variant

It seems Marvel Comics is taking a wide range of interpretations for its introduction of Angela into the Marvel Universe.

The Neil Gaimain/Todd McFarlane creation that recently landed at the House of Ideas in "Age of Ultron" #10, saw an interpretation earlier today in the form of a variant cover by European erotic comics artist Milo Manara. Now, on the exact opposite end of that spectrum comes another variant for "Guardians of the Galaxy" #5, this time drawn by Skottie Young in his popular kids style.

The issue goes on sale July 31 with a story written by Brian Michael Bendis with Gaiman riding shotgun. Exactly how Angela's role plays out in the Marvel U has yet to be seen, but odds are her final form won't be quite so adorable.

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