'Sketch Magazine #13' goes Red, White and Blue

Official Press Release

Kicking off the third year of publication, SKETCH Magazine presents the

awe-inspiring cover illustrations of G.I. JOE's David Michael Beck. In

the past few years, Beck has stormed the industry with his fresh new

style. The interview sets the ball rolling for columns about some of the

most asked about concepts in the comic industry.

"David Michael Beck artwork is truly awesome to behold. His G.I.JOE work

has revolutionized some of pop culture's most fabled characters,"

commented Bob Hickey, Sketch's Creative Director. "Beck's stylized

realism and this industry make a perfect match. Comic fans are always in

for a real treat with his work." With over 30 years of experience in the

illustrating field, David shares his feeling on the comic industry and

discusses his career, influences, and his goal to remain on top of his

skills and with the times.

As a bonus, Beck breaks down his latest painted cover piece, from

concept to finish. "I think the comic fans and creators alike gain an

extra appreciation and understanding for the artist when they can see

all the steps involved in their work," said Sketch Senior Editor Flint

Henry. "Seeing the creative process unfold like that serves as fuel for

one's own artistic drive."

Sketch is a trade publication, providing educational, entertaining, as

well as creative information about aspects of the comic industry such as

inking, pencilling, digital coloring, etc… and is published by Blue Line

Pro. BLP is the leading provider of comic book art boards and art

supplies, providing the proper tools, knowledge, and professional edge

to established and aspiring creators around the world. Along with

Sketch, Blue Line Pro is the parent company BLP Comics, publisher of

comic titles such as Little White Mouse and upcoming Blood & Roses


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