Warm Your Bones: 15 Life-Changing Skeletor Affirmation Memes

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Skeletor has spent many years trying, unsuccessfully, to conquer He-Man and has a reason to feel disdain for his multiple failures. Being the primary antagonist in the Masters of the Universe world would lead anyone to just give up and become a Battle Ram salesman. However, Skeletor does not give up and the uncle of Prince Adam (yup, he's He-Man's uncle) does not take his duties lightly. Despite loss after loss, Skeletor keeps on pumping away, taking beating after beating, knowing that one day his ship will finally come in. When it comes to positive thinking, there might not be a better motivational thinker than the man who wants to conquer Eternia.

This one fact alone makes the Internet craze of Skeletor affirmations so brilliant. Sure, Skeletor might owe a great deal of his positive thinking to his idols like Stuart Smalley and Michael Jordan, but he has taken it one step further. The villain shows every day how he can survive even the toughest of losses and come out of them with valuable life lessons. When even someone with the failure rate of Skeletor can find the time to smell the flowers, anyone can.

*Skeletor print in feature image by Jason Edmiston.

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Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes
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Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

National Hug Day comes on Jan. 21 every year, but when you ask Skeletor, every day is a good day for hugs. For one thing, hugging is a natural cure for depression, anxiety and stress. When someone loses as many times to He-Man as Skeletor does, there is the need for decompressing and relieving stress many times throughout the year. That is where this Skeletor meme really hammers the point home for anyone who faces uphill battles.

It also doesn't help that Skeletor is He-Man's uncle and it is his nephew who always beats him down and humiliates him in front of his minions and the rest of the kingdom. If anyone needs a hug at the end of the day on Eternia, it is Skeletor. All he wants is for you to hug him, too.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

In a world that loves to judge people based on the way they look, Skeletor is at a disadvantage right from the start. When you think about it, He-Man isn't the only character in the Masters of the Universe series who is basically naked. Skeletor wears as little clothing as a typical WWE superstar, and that means that people can easily see one thing about the evildoer -- Skeletor's skin is actually blue.

As a result of Skeletor being part of an ancient blue-skinned race known as the Gar, he looks very different than other citizens of this world. Add in the fact that his people murdered the original King Grayskull, and it is clear that he had no chance to be a hero in this story; a victim of a self-fulfilling prophecy. While he is more Loki than Thor, Skeletor knows that he is beautiful in his own way.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

When it comes to Skeletor and He-Man, the two fit the classic model of fighting forever. The uncle and his nephew will likely battle until the end of time in the dance of the ages. This is even more important when you understand one very important thing about He-Man himself. While Skeletor wanted to rule and conquer the world, and did everything he could to bring down his heroic nephew, He-Man never seriously hurt anyone in the entire 130-episode run of Masters of the Universe.

He-Man only used his sword for cutting through obstacles and protecting himself but never struck anyone with his sword. When it came to battling foes, He-Man would just use his immense strength to subdue them by tossing them around without actually causing permanent damage. That made He-Man very heroic and his battles with Skeletor more of a joyous dance than a fight to the death.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

Skeletor is a villain, yes, but at the end of the day, he is much like the best villains in cartoons, comics and movies. In almost every way, the villain in He-Man is much more interesting than the hero. He-Man is a generic, muscle-bound heroic warrior while Skeletor is the flawed and damaged villain, someone who wanted to rule the land that his brother gained over him. Skeletor lived the rest of his life trying to reach his full potential.

Yes, Skeletor had some of the worst schemes when it came to his goals of conquering Eternia. Yes, he had more inept minions than any would-be conqueror could ever hope for, but those failures and shortcomings made it even easier for some people to secretly wish that Skeletor could one day finally win a battle -- even if it was just a small victory. Even at the end of every devastating loss, there was something about Skeletor that remained quite fabulous.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

Skeletor has come a long way from his humble beginnings. For those who remember the early days of Masters of the Universe, the toyline originally released a minicomic that showed Skeletor as a creature from another universe. He entered Eternia and wanted to bring the army from his world into this new land to conquer it. While there is little known about this other world, it seemed he was an evil sorcerer from another dimension.

That changed, though, when the cartoons started and the other dimension (and thus, his origin story) was retconned. Instead of being an evil alien wanting to conquer a new world, Skeletor became the brother of the king of Eternia, a blue-skinned outsider who chose to rise up and become better than his status in life pre-determined. It was his desire to be all he could be that led to Skeletor becoming the primary antagonist in Masters of the Universe.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

When looking at what caused Skeletor to end up on the wrong end of his attempts to take over Eternia, look no further than his minions and subservient lackeys. See, Skeletor leads the generically-named Evil Warriors, a group that may look like warriors but battle more like buffoons. From Beast Man to Trap Jaw, these villains are there to serve -- and fear -- their master. The problem is their fear was never enough to lead them to a victory over He-Man and his companions in Eternia.

However, despite their failures and their immense fear of their skeleton-faced leader, they never failed to answer his call and end up flat on their backs, tied up, or buried under a pile of rocks in the name of his vendetta against King Randor. That is the proof that these creatures are more than minions -- they are loving friends who will put their bodies on the line for their leader.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

Skeletor is the true hero in his own story because he knows that he was the wronged prince among the Masters of the Universe. The fact of the matter is that Skeletor was Keldor, the elder son of the king of Eternia. He was the older brother of Randor, was also highly intelligent and a great military leader. Despite all these achievements and accolades, his father chose Randor -- the younger brother -- to lead Eternia over Keldor.

There is one unmentioned reason in Masters of the Universe that Randor won the role of the king over his equally deserving older bother. Keldor is a half-breed -- a blue-skinned half alien whose people killed the original King Grayscull. It was clear racism by his own father. Keldor lost his throne and took control of his own life as the villain Skeletor as a result.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

At one time, one of the great poets in the world created a lyrical rhyme about knowing when it was time to change one's own course in life and one's own effect on the world. No this wasn't written by legends like William Shakespeare, Robert Frost or Walt Whitman. This was the lyrical poet known as Michael Jackson, the man who once moonwalked his way to superstardom.

"Man in the Mirror" was one of Michael Jackson's most critically acclaimed songs, a 1988 release that actually wasn't even written by Jackson... so actually, you can ignore the above praise. Despite this, the song was a huge hit that many people took as a message of hope and making the world a better place. That is all that Skeletor really wants -- to make the world a better place in his own image.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

Have you ever wondered why Skeletor has the face of a skeleton? That is actually an interesting story and one that this Skeletor affirmation meme proves was an opportunity to learn from past mistakes. In the start, Keldor wanted to seek revenge on Randor when his father chose to give his throne to his kid brother. This moment of the story was told in the 2002 reboot of Masters of the Universe when he led an attack on the Hall of Wisdom.

Keldor, in a fit of anger and vengeance, threw acid at his brother. However, Randor was faster and blocked it with his shield, causing the acid to splash back in Keldor's face. Evil-Lyn was able to get Keldor to Hordak, who saved his life but stripped his face of all tissue, leaving only the skeleton showing. It was enough to strip anyone of their will to fight, but Skeletor is not one to give up after a simple mistake that cost him his own face.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

How many people know that Skeletor was not the originally primary antagonist in Eternia? Actually, take a look at the main bad guy from She-Ra: Princess of Power and that is where fans can see the original big bad -- Hordak. See, in the early days of Eternia, Skeletor was a lackey himself. Despite being the rightful king of Eternia, he once served at the side of Hordak, a villain who wanted to take over the kingdom.

However, Skeletor was not a villain that worked well serving under others. When the chips were down, Skeletor did what the best villains have done for all eternity -- he betrayed his master. Skeletor told Man-at-Arms and the Sorceress where they could find his master's secret base and they defeated Hordak, who fled Eternia. With Hordak gone, Skeletor moved to Snake Mountain and -- as this Skeletor meme shows -- became a natural leader, just hoping that no one would rise up and betray him as he betrayed Hordak.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

When it comes to the Skeletor affirmation memes, it is easy to see why this one remains the basis of everything that is right about the Masters of the Universe villain. Patience and waiting are what have made Skeletor the ruler of the kingdom of his own making. Originally, Skeletor served at the behest of Hordak, who saved his life after a failed coup. Skeletor hated it but soon betrayed him when the time was right and took over.

He moved into Snake Mountain and set up his base there at just the right time, and even when the original owner of the mountain, King Hiss returned, he simply waited and retook it when the time was right. At the end of the day, Skeletor knows that he is the true king of Eternia and that, when the time comes, he will finally retake the throne that rightly belongs to him, not to King Randor or Prince Adam. Everything he needs will come to him as long as he waits and plans accordingly.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

The true underdog story came when Rocky Balboa rose up from the streets, climbing to the top of the boxing world, and battled for the world title. Rocky actually lost to Apollo Creed, so despite the guts and glory, he still had to go home a loser, albeit a courageous and heroic loser who let others know that anyone could fight for the title. It sounds familiar, as Skeletor has the guts to rise up to the top and fight for the crown as well.

Much like Rocky, Skeletor lost, although his losses to He-Man dwarfs what Rocky had to go through before finally winning in the second, third and fourth movies in that series. Skeletor is still waiting for that win, for that shot at glory, but as this Skeletor meme shows, the former Keldor believes that his time will come, as long as he keeps the faith.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

There is a very popular book in the screenwriting community called Save the Cat by Blake Snyder. The title of the book comes from a piece of advice given to screenwriters when creating complex heroes or antiheroes. In the book, Snyder says that a hero needs to do something good and heroic in order for people to follow them, even when they do bad things later in the story. An example, as the title indicates, is to show a hero save a cat or something similar because a pet lover can't be all bad.

That brings us to Skeletor. While he has no problem trying to destroy all forms of good on Eternia, always fighting He-Man and even betraying his own minions and other overlords, he seems to have an affinity for cuddly animals. In the 1983 version, he had his purple panther and then later tamed an alien dog named Grr. He also saved a dog from dying in the cold, but saving his own "cat" proved that no one is completely evil.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

There is one fact about the story of He-Man and Skeletor that seems bitterly ironic. King Randor gained the throne on Eternia because, in reality, his brother Keldor was a half-breed, one-half Eternian and one-half a race known as the Gar. What makes this ironic when looking at the Masters of the Universe stories? Would you believe that He-Man, whose secret identity is Prince Adam -- the son of King Randor -- is also a half-breed?

It is true. Prince Adam's dad is King Randor, a born and bred Eternian and the man chosen to lead his land thanks to his purity. However, Adam's mother is Marlena Glenn, a NASA astronaut from Earth who crash-landed on Eternia, met and married King Randor, and gave birth to Prince Adam, a half-Eternian, half-Earthling. As this Skeletor affirmation meme shows, sometimes it is better to just say "whatever" to keep from slamming your head against a wall.


Warm Your Bones: 15 Hilarious Skeletor Affirmation Memes

As mentioned, Skeletor loses because of his minions and not so much because of his own weaknesses as a leader. Unlike many people in the Masters of the Universe world as well as other villains in various franchises, Skeletor wastes no time yapping. He just points his staff at someone and zaps them. He will also continuously go back to his inept minions over-and-over, giving them plenty of chances to make up for their past downfalls. However, as the show indicates, he doesn't take failure well.

When the small-minded people that this Skeletor affirmation meme describes provoke him or disappoint him, the would-be king is always there with a perfect quip. Whether he is dealing with a "muscle bound buffoon," one of the numerous "boobs" or others, Skeletor simply states the truth: he can "write a book" about what everyone else doesn't know.

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