"Skelebunnies" hop to Slave Labor

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loud. They're lewd. And in a certain despicable way, they're lovable! They're Skelebunnies, and a collection of their comics is coming your way in February 2009 from SLG Publishing. Tommy Kovac's undead lupine creations first made their appearance in his 1999 series Stitch. Their ill-treatment of adorable woodland creatures, bawdy antics, and foul mouths appealed to more readers than anyone would have guessed (in fact, SLG President Dan Vado recollects his initial loathing of the Skelebunnies in his introduction in the collection), and the Skelebunnies earned two issues of their own comic book.

The 120-page Skelebunnies: Complete Collection assembles the original Skelebunnies stories, these two issues, and bonus material from Kovac's sketchbook and self-published zines.Besides the Skelebunnies themselves, you'll meet their adorable servants the Woobies, their faithful flying steed Pretty Pretty Pony Macabre, their most bi-polar and boy-crazy frenemy Satan, and a host of other creatures in this episodic and decidedly kid-unfriendly romp through the forest. Skelebunnies can be pre-ordered from comic book store now with the Diamond code DEC083716.

Tommy Kovac is also the creator of the SLG comics series Autumn and the writer of the SLG-produced Disney comic Wonderland. A tenth anniversary edition of his debut comic Stitch will be published in March 2009.

For more information about SLG Publishing, visit their website, www.slgcomic.com.

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