'Sixgun: Tales of an Unfolded Earth' Creator to attend 2002 Comic-Con International

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Eagle-Nominated artist Daniel Merlin Goodbrey of England will be attending Comic-Con International this year with a new mini-comic in tow, just in time for the convention. Goodbrey explained that he wanted to the cover of his latest work, the mini-comic I BLEED SCORPIONS, to showcase a reserved, strange tone.

"For the cover of the comic, I'm going to go for something subtle, along the lines of what (comic scribe Grant Morrison) is doing with The Filth," said Goodbrey.

Previews of the comic, described by the creator as "quietly weird," recently made the rounds to some lucky creators. MACHINES writer-director F. Chong Rutherford said the comic is, "quietly deep, funny and sharp as a knife blade."

KILLER PRINCESSES co-creator Gail Simone (DEADPOOL and the upcoming AGENT X) also offered high praise for the various comics that Goodbrey has created.

"(Merlin) makes stories that read and look like nightmares--the good, haunting kind that make you get out of bed to write them down, because they're so damn INTERESTING. I'm afraid he might not only be making comics for the new century, but for the one after that, as well," said Simone.

Scott McCloud (ZOT, UNDERSTANDING COMICS) also offers high praise for Goodbrey. "Daniel Merlin Goodbrey is a grand wizard of the weird and wonderful," said McCloud.

I BLEED SCORPIONS will be available at Comic-Con International in limited qualities. Comic-Con International begins Thursday, August 1st. Visit http://www.comic-con.org for more details on the 2002 Comic-Con International.

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