Six Questions About This Week's Arrow

Since you folks seem to like talking Arrow and I typically have a few questions after every episode, I figure I'll occasionally post something like this.

So read on for seven questions about this week's episode of Arrow, "Canaries"...

1. Did you like Thea's reaction to Oliver's reveal that he is the Arrow? I liked that they zigged when you would expect a zag (especially with Diggle reiterating to Oliver before he did it that Thea would never forgive him - which, by the way, was an odd position for Diggle to take, no? "Trust me, Oliver, if there's one thing I know, it's how this young woman I've barely interacted with will react") but I also wonder if it wasn't TOO abrupt. Not so much her acceptance of Oliver as the Arrow, but the way that she so quickly turned on Merlyn the instant Oliver told her he was the Arrow.

2. Does Lance know that Oliver is the Arrow? It would seem like we're beginning to strain credulity a bit here, with him knowing that his daughter is the Canary, Roy is Arsenal and Felicity works for the Arrow. What do all of those people have in common? I'd like to believe it is one of those things like with Moira Queen, where she knew but just didn't let on. Speaking of Lance, Paul Blackthorne acted the hell out of that scene where he reacted to the death of Sara. Thinking that your daughter is dead for years only to be reunited with her only to find out she was murdered AGAIN? Holy crap, that's a rollercoaster of emotions and Blackthorne depicted it well. As an aside, he also seems to be doing an American accent better nowadays.

3. Did the League of Assassins train the guy in his sick DJ skills? That would just amuse me.

4. Soooooo...how did Roy and Merlyn get into Thea's room so quickly? They would have had to have been close enough to know that a fight was going on, right? Soooo...what, were they hanging outside her door while she was having sex with the DJ assassin guy? That's weird/creepy/hilarious. The only thing funnier would be if they were hanging out together (or maybe that they were just standing next to each other, trying not to make eye contact).

5. Do you think the Laurel/Canary arc has been handled well this season? While it seemed odd to me that Felicity, who was very close to Sara and is not all that close to Felicity, would drop that whole "there's a light in you that Sara didn't have" stuff, at the same time, she is likely correct (like Felicty often is). Sara, after all, was trained by the League of Assassins and she always had to try NOT to kill, while that's not Laurel's nature at all, so it makes sense to me.

6. Is Wildcat dead or what? I am guessing not, because that'd be a messed up way to write off a character, but A. He looked pretty bad in the last episode and B. There was the exchange where Laurel tells him that he is going to be okay and he, through a mouth full of blood, tells her that she is a terrible liar. That's a pretty typical death scene on an action show, right?

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