Six Page Preview of 'Hack/Slash' from Devil's Due

Josh Blaylock, President of Devil's Due Publishing, provided CBR News with a six-page preview of their upcoming title "Hack/Slash" by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli. In an interview with CBR News in January, Blaylock introduced us to the character of Cassie Hack.

"She is the daughter of an undead slasher called the Lunch Lady, right out of your favorite horror flick. She was forced to kill her undead mom, a second time, and feels obliged to travel the country in search of other slashers. If a bunch of teenagers turn up dead in a single area under mysterious circumstances, you can bet Cassie, and her large, ugly brute of a friend, Vlad, won't be far behind looking for the supernatural menace responsible for it all. In the first one-shot, Cassie and Vlad go up against a cross between Jason from 'Friday the 13th' and the horrors of 'Pet Cemetery.'"

Click the images below to enlarge. "Hack/Slash" slashes its way into comic shops this April.

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