Six New "Arkham City" Batman Skins Announced

The hype for the upcoming WB Games' "Batman: Arkham City" continues to build, as five new pre-order initiatives were announced today, each one introducing a familiar skin that you can use on the Dark Knight in the game. These aren't just any ordinary skins, either -- they range from decidedly retro to all-out awesome, depending on your personal level of Bat-fandom.

The first skin, the Batman Beyond costume, resembles the same costume worn by Terry McGinnis in the animated series of the same name. It's currently being offered as a pre-order exclusive through both Gamestop's UK website and New Zealand's MightyApe shop. There's no word yet on a distributor for US release, but you can bet someone will probably pick it up.

Next, we have an awesome "Dark Knight Returns" skin, featuring the Dark Knight Detective in Frank Miller's classic grey and black look. It's automatically included with the "Batman: Arkham City" collector's edition, for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The following skin is taken from "Batman: Earth One," which is based on Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's upcoming original graphic novel. To get this skin, simply pre-order the game from MightyApe.

The fourth skin will be familiar to fans of the classic Batman comics, as it's the same outfit he wore in the '70s, with classic blue cowl and gloves. To get a hold of this special outfit, head over to Toys R' Us to pre-order the game, or stop by ShopTo.net if you're in the United Kingdom.

The fifth and final skin is a familiar sight to fans of the classic "Batman: The Animated Series," complete with trademark rock-hard chin and cool black-and-grey duds. It's also yet another MightyApe exclusive at the moment.

Bear in mind that these costumes should all eventually be available for download on both Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, so don't kick yourself if you don't have the means to pre-order at the moment. You'll get a hold of these outfits soon enough!

And don't forget, Best Buy is exclusively offering the Robin Challenge Maps with pre-order, along with a limited edition Red Robin outfit.

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