Six Flags' Joker ride was shut down an hour after it opened

The Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park had to close its brand-new Joker ride on the same day of its unveiling because two passengers who were stuck on the coaster's cars.

According to nj.com, maintenance workers worked to repair the 4D free-fly roller coaster for several hours, before Six Flags decided to close the ride for the rest of the day.

While the ride reportedly ran smoothly for three days before its unveiling, one of the cars had stopped because of its malfunctioning "dampeners" -- the equipment that keeps the car from flipping.

"It's a new ride and new rides occasionally need to be tweaked," spokesperson Kristin Siebeneicher said.

While the fix only took minutes, the process way delayed because of camera equipment that had been attached to the car for the unveiling.

One of the riders on the car said he wasn't intentionally trying to flip it, but suggested, "[the ride] swings back and forth so much maybe our momentum just got it stuck there."

Siebeneicher says they hope to reopen the ride to season ticket holders by Friday.

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