Six DC Titles to End in August, Including "Birds of Prey" and "Superboy"

The freshly released DC Comics August 2014 solicitations revealed that six mainline DC Universe books are set to end that month: "All-Star Western," "Superboy," "Birds of Prey" and "Batwing," all with issues #34; and "Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger," wrapping with #22, and "Trinity of Sin: Pandora," ending at #14.

"All-Star Western," "Superboy," "Birds of "Prey" and "Batwing" all launched in September 2011, as part of DC's initial New 52 launch. Going forward, this leaves 21 of the original New 52 series currently ongoing. "Phantom Stranger" was launched in September 2012, and "Pandora" in July 2013. Both played a part in last year's "Trinity War" crossover story between the "Justice League" titles.

All six series were among DC's lowest-selling New 52 books in recent months. The publisher has multiple new ongoing titles scheduled to debut imminently, including "Grayson," "New Suicide Squad," "Infinity Man and the Forever People" and a new volume of "Teen Titans," which are all set to debut prior to August.

One book that is not slated to end that month is "World's Finest": Issue #26 of that series was listed as a "final issue" in the solicitation text sent to press and has appeared as such in other outlets, but DC Comics confirmed to CBR News that designation was in error, and the title is not ending. DC declined further comment on the six books ending in August.

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