SITE NEWS: News/Rumor columnist Rich Johnston joins ComicBookResources.com in July


Los Angeles, C.A. - June 3rd, 2002 - Comic Book Resources (https://www.comicbookresources.com), a leading comic book news and resource Web site, is proud to announce that online news/rumor columnist Rich Johnston will be bringing his weekly column to CBR this July.

For those already familiar with Johnston's work they know his column is chock full of the latest news and rumors circulating the industry, reported in his own inimitable style. The subject of Johnston's work is often controversial and he never pulls any punches.

Johnston began his column on Usenet 10 years ago and since then it has been hosted on a number of different Web sites. With this most recent move to CBR the column will also receive a new name, LYING IN THE GUTTERS.

Johnston, who makes his home in London with his wife, offers this description of LYING IN THE GUTTERS. "It's a weekly column that looks at the rumors circulating the industry, professionals shooting their mouth off in public, hirings, firings, the odd scandal, censorship, pulping, and general taking the mickey."

And what exactly does LYING IN THE GUTTERS mean?

"Lying In The Gutters - that's lying down, naturally," said Johnston. "Not any other kind of lying. The gutters being the space between the panels of a comic, behind the scenes, behind what's really going on, well possibly, anyway. And from the perspective of lying in the gutter, you're always looking at the stars. Ahhhhh. Do you see, do you see?"

When one speaks with Johnston about his column, it's obvious he has a great enthusiasm for the work he does.

"I do this column because it was the kind of column I wanted to read - every industry, whether in media, carpentry or vole stuffing has a 'Diary' section in the trade magazines - a place where gossip, rumour and plain cheekiness can be reported for the entertainment of those involved in the industry. Comics didn't seem to have much of that ten years ago. And if no one else was going to write, well, hell I might as well. Since then it's grown a little."

Jonah Weiland, Executive Producer of Comic Book Resources, is excited about the addition of Johnston's column to CBR. "Rich brings a totally different column to CBR from our current set. I pride myself on having a diverse set of weekly columns on the site and LYING IN THE GUTTERS fills that need perfectly. One part news, one part opinion and a whole lot of fun, LYING IN THE GUTTERS will fit nicely at CBR."

When asked why make the jump to CBR, Johnston's reasons are very obvious.

"Money. Money, money, money. Oh, and the chicks. Wait I'm married. Damn. Um. The profile! Yes, all the editors and publishers and a fair chunk of the creators in the industry read my column, but it was always meant to be for the fans as well. CBR has more readers. Which means more money. Did I mention the money yet?"

LYING IN THE GUTTERS will be published every Monday afternoon starting July 1st, 2002 at Comic Book Resources.

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