SITE NEWS: New weekly column THE COMIC PIMP launches at Comic Book Resources Today

Los Angeles, C.A. - September 12th, 2003 - Comic Book Resources (https://www.comicbookresources.com), a leading comic book news and resource Web site, is proud to announce the addition of James Sime's THE COMIC PIMP to the weekly line-up at CBR.

Sime's is the owner and operator of San Francisco's award winning Isotope - The Comic Book Lounge. In just over two years of owning the store, Sime's has distinguished himself as a new breed of retailer, recognizing the need for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to comics retailing. He'll be bringing his unique perspective and outlook on the industry to his new column at CBR.

"THE COMIC PIMP is a weekly column in which we pull back the wizard's curtain to reveal the inner workings and philosophies behind comics retailing," said Sime. "We're going to be looking at the importance of the retail experience as a whole, the most effective methods for bringing new readers into the industry, and how we've gone about setting up our popular and much talked about in-store events. THE COMIC PIMP will be tackling hard industry issues that no one else is from both sides of the retail equation, discussing how retailers choose which books to stock and support and offering creators simple, cost-effective methods for promoting their books in comic stores nationwide.

"And you damn well know I'm not going to write a column without doing some serious comic pimping! There are a lot of fantastic books on comic store racks these days and I'll be spotlighting some of these amazing books that might otherwise slip through the cracks."

Sime's column fills a void not yet addressed at Comic Book Resources, which pleases the site's Executive Producer, Jonah Weiland.

"I met James about two years ago, soon after he opened his store, and was immediately impressed with his vision of what comics retailing is," said Weiland. "He's part of a new breed of comic shop owners and his thoughts on retailing need to be heard by a wider audience. Before James we've never had a column that addressed the retail side of the industry, which is precisely why I've asked him to be a part of the CBR line-up of columns. I look forward to the stories he has to share. You won't be disappointed!"

Sime's knows that THE COMIC PIMP will appeal not only to retailers or those looking to open their own comic shop, but to anyone who's a fan of this medium.

"THE COMIC PIMP is about translating philosophy into direct action," said Sime's. "It offers something for readers, creators and retailers alike You want to own a comic book store? This is the column to read. You want more people reading the comics you make? This is the column to read. You want to know the best comics of tomorrow and the hidden gems of yesterday? This is the column to read.

"You want to glimpse of the future of the comic industry? This is the column to read."

THE COMIC PIMP will be published every Friday starting September 12th, 2003 at ComicBookResources.com.

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