SITE NEWS: Matt Fraction explores the POPLIFE at Comic Book Resources starting February, 2002

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, C.A. - January 27th 2002 - Comic Book Resources (https://www.comicbookresources.com), a leading comic book news and resource web site, is proud to announce the addition of Matt Fraction's POPLIFE to the weekly columns at CBR.

Fraction describes POPLIFE as "a work journal inspired by the work of Steven Soderbergh's diaries (from the sex, lies, and videotape screenplay collection and his excellent book GETTING AWAY WITH IT). Basically, it's a guy who dislikes talking about himself and talking about his work... talking about himself and his work. It's a document of my first year in comics, but as I have the attention span of a gnat on bathtub crank, it goes all over the place. It's a diary, a sketchbook, a rant, a ramble, and a cry for help. I'm going to cover everything I'm working on and try to record truthfully my experiences in the industry and my life in general."

Matt Fraction makes his home in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a filmmaker and emerging comics writer with big plans for 2002. Fractions first comics project was MANTOOTH! in Funk-O-Tron's DOUBLE TAKE. Coming later this year Fraction will be contributing to the NIGHT RADIO anthology from Avatar Press under the watchful eye of Warren Ellis, and an original graphic novel by Fraction and artist Kieron Dwyer called LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS will make its debut from publisher AiT/Planet Lar, also later this year.

Jonah Weiland, executive producer of Comic Book Resources, looks forward to working with Fraction. "Matt brings a unique and enthusiastic perspective to CBR. He brings a perspective and style unlike anything else at CBR, which is essential. CBR thrives on talent which is different from the rest and Matt fills that bill nicely. I know visitors to CBR will be both inspired and intrigued by Matt's life and musings about this industry."

When asked why CBR, Fraction was quick to respond.

"Aside from the killer pedigree? The chance to follow or work side-by-side with writers like Steven Grant, Warren Ellis, and Larry Young? Aside from the visibility, reliability, reputation, and audience? Aside from the challenge of seeing if I can do it? Aside from the opportunity to shill myself weekly?

Why, it's gotta be them bomb-ass t-shirts, of course."

And for those wondering what they can expect from POPLIFE week in and week out, it's going to depend on a lot of things.

"It's a real-time record of my life in and out of comics. I'm twenty-six, I co-own my own design and animation company, I'm writing comics, and I'm engaged. This could be a great year for me, or it could all turn out horribly. Let's watch..."

Finally, Fraction gave a very good reason why visitors to Comic Book Resources should read his column. "They enjoy wasting time at work."

POPLIFE will be published every Thursday starting February 7th, 2002 at Comic Book Resources.

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