SITE NEWS: Erik Larsen launches ONE FAN'S OPINION at CBR August 11th

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Los Angeles, C.A. - July 20th, 2005 - Comic Book Resources (https://www.comicbookresources.com), a leading comic book news and resource Web site, is proud to announce a new weekly column from comics creator Erik Larsen ("Savage Dragon") called ONE FAN'S OPINION. Larsen's a veteran of the industry, having produced work for all the major companies on everything from The Punisher, Doom Patrol, Adventures of Superman, Thor, Incredible Hulk, The Teen Titans, The Defenders, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine to The Amazing Spider-Man and is one of the founding members of Image Comics where he currently holds the position of Publisher.

So, what's ONE FAN'S OPINION going to be all about? "Whatever I feel inclined to rant about," explained Larsen. "Sometimes that will be going on and on about my love for some awesome book-sometimes quite the opposite. Really, the idea is just to let folks know that, like them, I'm just another comic book fan when all is said and done. We've all got our own views on stuff and I thought it would be nice to spill my guts on a weekly basis."

Larsen went on to say that, "Over the years, I've heard people say they're intimidated by me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm a creator or because I'm a publisher, but really I'm just a fan like everybody else. The idea here is just to show that I'm another fan who just happens to be in the business. Any topic that happens to come into my head is fair game. From the actual creation of comics, to just basic rants on stupid stuff, to really damn near anything."

Executive Producer Jonah Weiland couldn't be any happier to have Larsen joining the CBR ranks. "I've known Erik for a long time and this is a real treat to have him on CBR," said Weiland. "Anyone who has spent time with Erik knows he's a hard core comics fan first and a comics creator second. With that in mind, he'll bring a perspective to this column you may not have seen from other creators before.

"Erik joins a growing group of comics professionals who've written for CBR over the years," continued Weiland. "Creators like Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Gail Simone, Scott McCloud, Steven Grant, Joe Casey and others have been a part of the CBR family and adding Erik to that list pleases me to no end."

But is Larsen ready for the onslaught of criticism that's likely to come from online comics fans? Larsen replied, "I'll deal with it as best I can!"

Readers can find Erik Larsen's ONE FAN'S OPINION every Thursday beginning August 11th exclusively at Comic Book Resources.


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