<b>SITE NEWS</b>: CCI exhibitors who promote CBR at Comic-Con International 2003 get free advertising!

ComicBookResources.com wants your help at Comic-Con International: San Diego!

Comic-Con International: San Diego officially launches with preview night on Wednesday July 16th, a week from today. That same night is when CBR's own coverage of CCI events begins! Team CBR will be there to cover all the events and happenings at the con with daily reports from the con floor by the CBR News Team of Arune Singh, Rob Worley, Beau Yarbrough, Greg Hatcher and Jonah Weiland, plus the perspective from the con floor by Augie De Blieck Jr. But, we could use your help to promote our coverage and in turn will give you free advertising!

How can I get some free advertising you ask? Simple! Download one of the PDF format CBR flyers below, and run off some copies of the advertisement at your local copy center (find a local mom and pop type copy place or an office superstore, Kinko's is too expensive!). Then, place it on your table or in your booth during the convention so that fans who stop by can pick up a copy! Or, put a copy of the flyer in with each purchase a con-goer makes at your booth. (Last year a couple of vendors printed the ads out on the back of their own flyers, which kills saves money and paper!) Then, drop CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland an e-mail with your booth number at CCI saying you'll be displaying the CBR flyer and he'll stop by. When Jonah sees the flyer at your booth you'll then be eligible to receive 75,000 free Banner Ad (468x60) impressions for use at CBR. That's an over $350 value in advertising! And if you're a current advertiser with CBR, yes, these impressions can be added to your current ad run!

(Cut 'em up, save on copies!)

So, to recap:

  1. Download the PDF above.
  2. Print it out and take it to a local copy center to run off a couple hundred copies.
  3. Drop Jonah Weiland an e-mail with your booth number so he can stop by at the convetnion to verify the flyer's being displayed.
  4. Display the flyers in your booth at Comic-Con International!
  5. Receive 75,000 Free Banner Ad Impressions to promote your Web site beginning in August!

See below for certain conditions and restrictions that apply.

It's that easy! What do you have to loose? By promoting CBR at CCI we'll promote you on the World Wide Web absolutely free! Try printing them on colored paper to give them added oomph! Also, on the flip side of the banner print up information about your own company! Get two for the price of one! And don't forget if you use the version that has two ads on the same page to have your copy place cut them in half!

If you have any questions contact Jonah Weiland. We'll see you at Comic-Con International in San Diego!

Restrictions and Conditions:

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