SITE NEWS: An important letter for all CBR Mail users

Dear Friends,

For nearly three years now Comic Book Resources has run a free e-mail service called CBR Mail. You're listed as a registered user with our service and we have some important news to share with you regarding upcoming changes to CBR Mail.

In one week CBR Mail will relaunch with an entirely new format. This switch will allow CBR Mail to continue to operate affordably and will also allow us to offer you a host of new services not available with the current format. Through the new CBR Mail you'll be able to send and receive e-mail as always, use new Calendar software to track your appointments, have access to a spell checker to check the spelling on each e-mail you send out, plus we'll be offering SpamCop, a service that will help keep that pesly spam sent to your account to an absolute minimum. In addition we'll be increasing the amount of disk space allocated from 3 megs to 5 megs. Best of all, it will still remain free!

Unfortunately the switch requires us to start from scratch. Once we launch the new service you will need to reregister. This means your current account and mail box will NOT be available to you on May 1st as the current system will no longer be in use. So, at your earliest convenience we recommend you print out and save all important e-mails you have in your e-mail box and also gather up any addresses you may have in your Address book. Unfortunately it is physically impossible for us to move all your e-mail, addresses and accounts to the new system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our goal is to keep the down time between the switch from our old service to the new one at an absolute minimum.

With the launch of the new CBR Mail we have plans for a great many more added services in the future such as increased disk space and POP e-mail access for small annual fees. We've got other great plans as well and we'll keep you posted.

We'd also like to tell you about a company that's helping CBR Mail make this big switch: WickedCoolStuff.com is sponsoring the launch of the all new CBR Mail. They've got loads of, well, cool stuff on their Web site for you to check out like the latest Spider-Man clothes and merchandise, Transformers jersey, Star Wars stuff and much more! Check them out today at http://www.wickedcoolstuff.com/

Thanks again for your continued support of CBR Mail and we look forward to the launch of the all NEW CBR Mail on May 1st, 2002.


Jonah Weiland

Executive Producer, CBR

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