Sipe Talks Screamland Trade, Proof Crossover

Halloween comes early this year with an all-new "Screamland" short appearing in October’s "Proof" #13 and the "Screamland" trade paperback from Image Comics.

It’s a timely release for two series dealing in the supernatural. Collecting issues #1 — 5 of the original miniseries, the "Screamland" TPB tells the story of Hollywood monster royalty fallen on hard times. "Proof" of course follows a Sasquatch F.B.I agent and his female partner as they track down sci-fi offenders.

The "trick-or-treat" themed story came at the behest of "Proof" writer Alex Grecian, who met the "Screamland" creative team of writer Harold Sipe and artist Hector Casanova at a convention and liked what he read. "[Grecian] was putting together a Halloween special and invited us to contribute, as he had Savage Dragon in the book as well," Sipe told CBR. "It was, at first, imagined as an Image ‘jam’ book sort of thing. As the work went on, the story morphed a bit into a standalone story also taking place on Halloween night. I think that really worked out well, a non-crossover crossover."

Sipe described the story as a kind of trailer for "Screamland," taking a look at the main series from a new perspective. "Since ‘Screamland’ was a story of celebrity, I thought it would be interesting to see what that looked like outside the bubble of Hollywood."

Though the story takes place outside of Hollywood, there's no shortage of pop-culture commentary with recognizable Halloween costumes and other visuals appearing throughout the tale, including a Savage Dragon costume and kids dressed as the cast of "Proof." "It was fun getting the art back and seeing what all Hector had worked into it," Sipe said.

The "Screamland" trade also includes a second unreleased short, development art by Casanova and a forward by "Scalped" and "Ghost Rider" writer Jason Aaron.

The main "Screamland" story concludes at the end of the TPB, but more tales are waiting in the wings if things go well. " I have a couple more Screamland stories I would love to tell," Sipe said, "All that is dependent on how well the trade does."

"Proof" #13 and the "Screamland" trade paperback arrive in finer comics stores October 29 from Image Comics.

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