Sinestro #6

The sixth part of the first act of "Godhead," "Sinestro" #6 contains the chapter titled "Sacrifice," written by regular series writer Cullen Bunn with art divided between Dale Eaglesham and Martin Coccolo. Although Orion is featured on the cover, Bekka is the New God who comes calling on the Sinestro Corps.

In the classic instance of "the enemy of my enemy is my ally" following the attack on New Korugar, Bunn sends the Sinestro Corps to Nok where the New Gods are sweeping in on the Indigo Tribe and their harbored guests, the Green Lantern Corps. Bunn continues to sift through the Sinestro Corps, stirring up resentment and insubordination, which takes Thaal Sinestro right up to the edge of putting members of his Corps in their place. Despite there being a single character's name in the title of this book, "Sinestro" #6 is crammed full of characters that each demand individual attention. Bunn does a fair job of providing each with the opportunity to show off, but Sinestro, Arkillo, Soranik Natu and Bekka hold the lion's share of the panels.

Eaglesham's pages vary from imaginative and curvy to overlapping, mismatched gridwork in the latter half of the book, which is drawn by Coccolo. The two artists' styles are close enough that "Sinestro" #6 holds together, especially since all of the characters have such markedly distinct visuals. Eaglesham's Sinestro and Coccolo are visually striking. Arkillo dominates every page he appears, while Sinestro's posture through his cold calculations supports his reputation as a Machiavellian, driven character. As three groups of ringslingers collide with Bekka and her forces, there is not a great deal of room for landscape or backdrop beyond the massive amounts of precision packed into each character's appearance. Colorist Jason Wright is afforded the entire spectrum in his color work throughout "Sinestro" #6, and he does not hold back at all. Letterer Dave Sharpe keeps all of the word balloons clean and tight, no small feat for twenty pages packed with characters, but it works here.

"Sinestro" #6 is another installment of the "Godhead" saga that flirts with being one of the more boring additions despite the all-out battle. Fortunately, the issue is saved by a surprising (even for Sinestro) maneuver. Bunn finds a new way to surprise readers and to up the ante in the war between the Corps and the New Gods. When all is said and done, Sinestro has made an enemy for life: a warrior maiden from New Genesis (so, "for life" might wind up being a short time for Sinestro.) In executing this maneuver, Bunn elevates the struggle in "Godhead" and once more proves that Sinestro is anything but predictable. It isn't the single strongest chapter of "Godhead," but it definitely is a critical battle.

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