Sin City, Zatanna, X-Men 3, Spawn: The Comic Reel Wrap for March 23rd


Superhero Hype has some interesting reports on the film as we count down to its debut. First, the women of Sin City speak about their involvement in the Frank Miller adaptation. Rosario Dawson thinks the film's powerful female characters will draw in the estrogen set. "Are women going to want to see it specifically for that reason? I think absolutely. When she's standing there and he actually punches her across the face, and she actually tries to chop his pecker off ... all the women working in Old Town -- we take care of ourselves. We are very in control of what we are. We know what our assets are. We make money off of it. We call the shots, which I think is really powerful. It's a very even keel sort of strength between the men and the women. The guys get their balls ripped off and the girls get to do it and will. It's a pretty tough town on both sides."

Clive Owen and Benicio del Toro are the subjects of the second report, where Owen was concerned about mastering an American accent. "It was a concern when Robert called me to ask me to do it because it was a few weeks' time and I started to be concerned about how much voice over there was, but Robert was very cool about it and said 'Listen, there's a huge amount of voice over. Don't sweat it. Just concentrate on the dialogue. We've got plenty of time.' He was so healthy about it that (I) felt completely fine about just going for it. Also, the thing about those graphic novels is it's easy to underestimate them. Frank Miller is not only a fantastic artist, but the language he uses, the dialogue that we lifted straight from the book, is really fantastic dialogue. It has the right rhythms. It's very smart and very witty. So, the whole thing was really easy because you've got such strong guidelines and the rhythm of the dialogue is dictated by what's on the page. You read it and you know how to speak it because it's got a very classic noir rhythm to it." Happy now, Heidi?

Director Robert Rodriguez is the focus of their final report, and Rodriguez said, "It's probably the hardest I've worked on a movie. I thought it was going to be easy -- hey, just copy what's out of the book, and there you go. It is a lot of work. I think somewhere near the end I realized -- it's funny because it's sort of a trilogy all released the same day, so it was kind of like doing three movies in one."


According to Sci Fi Wire, Writer Hadley Davis will be writing a script to bring the fishnet-clad magician to the big screen. "It's sort of an obscure DC Comic book," Davis said. "Well, I say that, and then people who know comic books know the comic. It has existed for years and years, but she is a female magician. It's for Warner Brothers and [producer] Denise DiNovi, and we've made her sort of a teen magician."


In a supplementary report on Matthew Vaughn's confirmation as director of the new X-film, IGN's FilmForce has a source claiming that "Anna Paquin is signed to return as Rogue and that the Danger Room will finally be seen. Our insider reiterated that a male Angel will be in 'X3,' along with Beast and Gambit. They also denied that the Sentinels will be in 'X3,' as was reported yesterday at XMenFilms.net. Our source, however, refused to comment on the site's other claim that the film's villain will be Dr. Bolivar Trask."


Artist and businessman Todd McFarlane was interviewed by UGO.com, and talked to them about plans for his most popular creation. "We signed a deal to do some animation with a company named IDP and they are associated with Film Roman. They've been buying some companies like Anchor Bay. They put stuff on TV and do a lot of direct-to-DVD stuff. The deal I made with them was that we would begin the process of doing the 'Spawn' animation but we wouldn't think about going direct to DVD until after we went into Hollywood and got all the doors slammed in our faces. Now we are in the process of putting stuff together so the more we have when we have when we go into our presentation in Hollywood the better it is. So instead of just talking about it we could show them some stuff. We could show that we are making it without them but would anyone want to put it on the airwaves before we go out and sell it. I've already had some preliminary talks with the HBO people I've dealt with before and a couple of other people. We'll start at HBO and then work our way down and if they say no then we will still have a venue to put it out. There are some wink winks to the first three seasons but the story essentially picks up five to six years later. Essentially Spawn has gone dormant, so no one has seen or heard from him in a while and then something happens which wakes him up. To me it's the reinvention of 'Spawn.' I'm less concerned with the continuity of it as I am as using it as a bridge to the story I am writing for the live-action movie. That one is sort of devoid of all comic book stuff. It's a true spook movie in the vein of 'The Exorcist,' or more recently with a movie like 'The Grudge' or something like that. It's not like anyone is running around in costumes, there are no superpowers or villains but more of a scarefest. There is only one scary thing in those movies and this case it would just be Spawn. There is no Clown and there is no Violator. None that stuff. There is a boogeyman in the midst of a movie like 'LA Confidential.' How would 'LA Confidential' be different if shadows are moving?"


Joss Whedon talked to TV Guide about what's really important right now about the story of Diana. "Whedon is months away from finding his ideal Woman. 'Everybody is in agreement that casting is not an issue right now,' he says. 'It's not a vehicle to be built around a particular star. We want to write the thing, find the right character and then figure out who should play her. There are various famous people whose names have come up, because that always happens, but you know, we're talking about Wonder Woman here. Those are tough booties to fill' ... I think we will go a little younger than the traditional idea of Wonder Woman." Whedon also claimed that the actress would not be anyone from the "Buffyverse." "It's a movie, not a party for my friends."

Whedon also talked to MTV, where he said, "I think she sort of sprang out fully formed, much like Athena herself. And, you know, it's a question of really getting behind that. ... In the '40s, when it was first done, she came to the world from Paradise Island and then went about her business, and so that experience, which is really a rite of passage, which is the same as any hero has to go through, has never really been investigated the way I want to. So, to take it back to the beginning and really say, 'Well, really, what was it like for an Amazon princess to come amongst us?'


Kryptonsite has a new photo and the official description for the next new episode (April 13th), "Onyx."

Meanwhile, Hollywood North Report has an interview with stunning young actress Kristin Kreuk, who said, "I think really through season one in general-and this is going to perhaps seem like a vague answer -- I was struggling a lot with the character of Lana because I couldn't relate to her fully, and I would think back to my acting classes that I took all through high school where we had free reign over characters. We took those characters and created them by ourselves, and we made them into full people by writing up epic studies of their traits and giving them histories and so forth. With Lana I felt a little stuck because I was following what was on the page, and I remember discussing this with Allison [Mack] who has helped me a lot. And she said to me, 'Well it's up to you to shape these characters. You can't wait for someone else to do that for you. Then, the writers will follow your lead.' Which I didn't understand at all [laughs]. So that's a big lesson that I learned ... and continue to learn in a lot of ways. But again, it's precisely what I did with every single character I ever played throughout high school, and ironically, I stopped doing it when I started playing Lana."


Comics Continuum talked to writer/artist Darwyn Cooke about writing the upcoming episode "Task Force X" for the hit Cartoon Network series. That's the reason, they hired me: I do the really cheap, macho dialogue," Cooke said. "One of the most fun parts of writing it was the banter and sort of play between Deadshot and Plastique."


The official site has been officially launched with a Flash interface and all brands of Bat-related goodies.


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